Information About Our Pawn Quotes and Loan Process


What's the Pawn Value?

A pawn is a collateral loan.  This is the best option, if you need money fast and have an item that you own of value, but you really don’t want to sell it.  At Capitol City Pawn Shop, Inc., we loan money on a wide range of products.  From tools, electronics, jewelry, video game systems and so much more, you can borrow any amount from $10 up to $5,000, as long as the amount is within the value of the item or items you bring in.

Not sure what to bring in or how much you can borrow?  Just give us a call or shoot us a message on Social Media and we’ll do our best to give you an estimate.

Pawn Loan Process

When you bring your item in, we’ll test, evaluate and research the value of your item and negotiate a loan amount based on the current resell rates. Capitol City Pawn will then hold onto your item at 10% interest, due every month, until you can pay back the full amount of the loan, plus any interest due. If you find yourself in a position that you can’t pay off the loan, you don’t have to worry about going into debt. Unlike most lenders, with a collateral loan, if you are unable to pay, we’ll just keep the item and your debt is paid…you owe nothing. Your business will always be good with us!

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Kansas Example

In Kansas, our loans are written for (1) month with a (2) month grace period at a rate of 10% per month or any part of a month. You can make payments and keep the item(s) in as long as you need to. If you redeem (pick up) your loan, you can bring it back anytime and get the money you need again. If you choose not to redeem (pick up) your loan, there is nothing to worry about. Once the loan expires, we just process the item(s) and put it out for sale.

Borrow $50 on March 5th, come back in on April 5th, and pay only $55. If you decide you need more time, all you need to do is make a payment to extend your loan. On this loan, it is $5 per month or any part of a month.